Book Description

This book is for you, an upcoming professional visual artist.

Scroll up and order your copy now and have a jump on your opportunities.


  • Read this book and let the author take you through the processes of your marketing opportunities in nine chapters, an introduction, and a brief epilog.
  • To start, you are advised on how to brand yourself and your artwork, so that you stand out in the sea of other struggling artists.
  • Next, he steers you through each of the many available channels for getting your message to a prospective collector, including the ever-changing tangle of social media.
  • Then, he prepares you to be ready when the prospect responds to your solicitations. He describes writing attractive content for your messages, how to close the sale when the prospect falls in love with your artwork, plus the tricky issues of pricing and affordability.
  • You are coached on the various tools you need to support your marketing efforts: how to choose your computer, essential software and accessories; ways to obtain, handle, and preserve images of both your artwork and references; how email is your prime messaging channel, and to ensure that your prospect will open and read your message; plus how your website is your most important marketing tool, the concept of “friction,” and maximizing the design of your landing page.
  • After each chapter are summaries, and hints on how you may get started.

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